Looking Back At My NFL 2010-2011 Season Predictions!

10 predictions that I thought were money in the bank.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Looking Back At My NFL 2010-2011 Season Predictions!

Before the season began, I made a list of ten predictions I thought were sure to happen during the season. While not all of them turned out to be the locks I thought they would be, I did manage to nail a few, including the granddaddy of them all, the Super Bowl winner! So, in reviewing this, it’s safe to say that when I write my predictions for next season that all should be glued to them as they are sure to be right.

1. The New Orleans Saints will not repeat as Super Bowl Champs.

Looks like I was right as rain about this one. The Saints were booted in the Wild Card round by the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks in what was one of the biggest shockers of the season.

2. The Detroit Lions will win at least 8 games.

Detroit ended up winning 6 games but they played tough the entire season and could have easily won 8. Look for them to rapidly improve next season and potentially vie for a playoff spot.

3. A major quarterback name will not make it through the whole season.

I I’m reaching a bit but neither Brett Favre nor Donovan McNabb made it through the entire season so technically, I can chalk this one up in the win column,

4. The New England Patriots will not make the playoffs.

I may have been a little off on this one…just a little. The Patriots captured the AFC #1 seed with a stunning 14-2 record that proves again that you should never bet against the Patriots.

5. Aaron Rodgers will win the league MVP award.

Will Super Bowl MVP do instead? I was off on the award but Rodgers still proved he’s as vital and talented a quarterback as you will find in the league. The next few years in Green Bay should be very interesting.

6. I will win at least one of my two fantasy football leagues.

No, I didn’t win in either but I was SOOOO CLOOOSE. Next season, for sure, I’m going all the way!

7. It will be Baltimore and Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game.

Eh, not quite, as both the Colts and the Ravens fell short of making it to the big game before the big game.

8. It will be Green Bay and Dallas in the NFC Championship game.

I was half right here as the Pack was repping the NFC along with the Chicago Bears. Come on, though, who would have had the Bears in this game?

9. The two teams in the Super Bowl will be the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers.

Again, I was half right and would have been all right if the Steelers would have lost to the Ravens in that close playoff game (yes I think that Baltimore would have beat the Jets as easily as the Steelers did).

10. And the Super Bowl winner will be……. the Green Bay Packers!

OK, you can applaud my genius, even if it came at the expense of my Steelers as I correctly picked the SuperBowl champion BEFORE the season even began. All hail the king, all hail Caesar!