‘Twilight’ Writer Hired for ‘Highlander’ Remake

Melissa Rosenberg, famous for writer scripts about doomed immortal love, to pen screenplay about swordfights, beheadings... and doomed immortal love.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

'Twilight' Writer Hired for 'Highlander' Remake

Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter for the every film in Summit’s successful Twilight series, has just signed up to write the remake of Highlander for… Summit? Well, that certainly makes the decision a lot less surprising. The choice of screenwriter has already been met with internet skepticism – we expect plenty of ‘Twi-Lander’ jokes as production ramps up – since the badass swordfight-heavy Highlander franchise is generally considered rather different from The Twilight Saga‘s story of fantastical teenaged sexual repression. The fact that they are both stories about complications arising from mortal women falling in love with mortal dreamboats would appear to be incidental. Hollywood Reporter told the tale.

But don’t let the Rosenberg’s Twilight screenplays eclipse her other qualifications: the screenwriter also penned and executive produced multiple episodes of the critically acclaimed and totally kick-ass Showtime series Dexter. (She also wrote Step Up, but nobody’s perfect.) The Highlander remake has already hired Fast & Furious director Justin Lin to direct, a decision that promises a fair amount of testosterone to balance out any Twilight-ish romance which might turn off the original franchise’s stalwart fans.

CRAVE Online will return with more Highlander remake news. Seriously? They’re remaking Highlander? We thought there could be only one…