Ray Allen Breaks 3-point Record As Celtics Fall To Lakers

Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller's record and then added some extra for good measure.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Ray Allen Breaks 3-point Record As Celtics Fall To Lakers

There is a new king of the three’s and he resides among some future Hall of Fame players over in Boston. With a little over a minute left in Thursday nights game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, Boston’s Ray Allen hit three pointer number 2,561 and passing Reggie Miller to take sole possession of the career three point record. When the shot rang true, the stadium erupted and time was taken to celebrate the milestone.

"I almost felt a little embarrassed because there was so much attention surrounding this three-point record," Allen said. "It was so overwhelming, but it was a great moment. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life."

In a bit of scheduling irony, this game was being telecasted on TNT and was being called by Reggie Miller. After breaking his record, Allen went over to the announcers table and shook Millers hand. The two also exchanged some heartfelt words.

"It’s so serendipitous that it happened the way it happened," Allen said of breaking the record with Miller in the house. "He just told me he was proud of me and he was excited for me. He said he was glad that he could be here."

Allen, in his 15th season, has been having a monster year behind the three-point line. He is shooting a sizzling 46%, the best percentage he has ever put up in a season.

"He’s just a machine," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said before the game. "He shoots every day. He works on it. He runs every day. You look at his body. If you’re a young player, just look at Ray Allen if you want a long career. He’s the ultimate pro."

Though the moment belonged to Allen, the game ended up belonging to the Lakers as they beat the Celtics 92-86 to avenge an earlier defeat in their home court by the Celtics. The Lakers were lead by a good performance from Kobe Bryant, who put up 23 points and played some key defense down the stretch.

“Kobe didn’t win the game with his offense, Kobe won the game with his defense,’’ Rivers said. “I thought defensively, he was absolutely phenomenal. He was trapping, he was helping off of Rondo. He trapped the post, he blocked shots, he just had a great floor game more than just his scoring.’’

The Celtics will look to rebound from this loss Sunday as they face the red-hot Miami Heat.