Video: Björk Gets Psychedelically Volcanic in ‘Mutual Core’

Check out the gorgeous and intensely trippy new video from the latest single off 'Biophilia'.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Breaking news! Björk is weird as hell! In her new video for "Mutual Core," Iceland's queen of bizarre takes her latest single from Biophilia and turns it into an intimate hallucinatory mingling of the elements.

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, the clip finds Björk standing waist deep in a pit of sand, maternally crooning as rocks move all around her, giving rise to barely-personified flowing material elements the twist and grow around her. Soon, a sensual eruption of psychedelic weirdness results in a new structure, a volcanic force of nature giving rise to a dual-headed pillar of fire. 

Like I said, weird. As hell.

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