Lil Wayne Hospitalized: ‘Seizure Like Symptoms’ Cause Plane’s Emergency Landing

Lil Wayne has a health scare at 33,000 feet.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Lil Wayne experienced 'seizure-like symptoms' on a private flight Thursday night, which resulted in the plane making an emergency landing. 

TMZ reports that Wayne began having difficulties while in flight, and the plane made an unexpected touch-down in Texas in order for the rapper to be hospitalized. He checked out after being monitored for a few hours, with a source telling TMZ that Wayne is “doing better”.

A similar thing happened to Rick Ross last year, when he suffered a couple of in-flight seizures, forcing the planes he was on to make emergency landings. But the man is roughly nine hundred pounds, so all bets are off when it comes to standard health expectations.

So what is it that's causing these in-flight health scares? Is the sizzurp mixing badly with the cabin pressure? A bad weed reaction at such a high altitude? It seems nobody can say for sure at this point.