Donate To P.O.S. of Doomtree’s Fund For New Kidney

On the week of release for his incredible 'We Don't Even Live Here' album, fans of P.O.S. rally for a life-saving reason.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Not long ago I posted a review of what stands, for me, as far and away the best album of 2012: P.O.S – We Don't Even Live Here. On Oct. 22, the Minneapolis native and member of the Doomtree collective delivered a downright flabbergastingly fantastic Hip-Hop album that went far beyond defying the standards – the record is a facegrind down the pissed and littered alleyways of America's cannibal culture through a beast-bounce track trip, with lyrical molotov-slingshot surprises blasting across an anarchist's party playlist. If you're not familiar, trust this crazy music snob and give it a spin

Sadly, the music isn't why we're here today. Just a few days ago, P.O.S. (real name Stef) made a public announcement about his health. His kidneys had been lousy for a long time, he explained. Ever since he was a kid, they had been deteriorating, though no one was sure exactly why. Recently, however, his condition worsened. His doctors told him that it was time for a transplant—and quickly. Stef had to cancel his fall tour and begin dialysis immediately. Check out his statement below.

There's good news, however: Stef has found several strong candidates for kidney donation. The less-than-totally-good news: this stuff gets pretty damn expensive. Transplants create life-long prescription costs. And, as you’d imagine, rappers don’t have robust benefit packages. So, we’ve started this portal to allow people to donate to Stef’s recovery. The funds will be used to help pay medical bills, prescription costs, and to cover living expenses while Stef is off the road, getting better. Many of you reading this have already donated—thank you. It’s meant the world to Stef, his family, his crew, and the rest of us rooting for him.

A donation fund has been set up on YouCaring for fans to give money – every little bit helps. Click here to dig in deeper and throw a few bucks to an artist who not only fights for true artistry in music but is as relentless and tirelessly dedicated as they come to making a difference in people's lives. Now is our chance to give back, when he needs it most. 


Photo: Johnny Firecloud