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Watch Soundgarden Talk ‘King Animal,’ Play New Song Clips

Check out samples of two new songs from Soundgarden's first new album in 15 years!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Soundgarden returns to the forefront of rock's focus next month with their new album King Animal. Frontman Chris Cornell & drummer Matt Cameron recently sat down with Spin to discuss some of the new music, along with a few clips to whet the aural appetites of fans who've waited 15 years for new material. 

Check out discussion on/snippets of a darkly ominous song called "Bones of Birds":

Further discussion leads to "By Crooked Steps," which began with a two-art guitar riff and turned into what sounds like a monster of a track:

Lastly we lead to a discussion on the first single off King Animal, called "Been Away Too Long":

Keep your rock horns sharp for November 13th, when King Animal is finally set to arrive.