Backstage Pass: Oedipus At The Malibu Inn

[VIDEO] We hang out backstage with Oedipus at the Malibu Inn and talk with famed promoter Vicky Hamilton.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The Malibu Inn may not be as widely well known as "Sunset Strip" clubs like The Viper Room or Whisky-A-Go-Go, but it is equally as famous among the music industry.  Frequently hosting acts such as Kid Rock and Eric Clapton, the Malibu Inn is a must-stop for any fan of the LA music scene.  Plus it's right across the street from the Malibu Pier so it's a much more enjoyable location than the not-so-clean.. streets of Hollywood.

We had the chance to hang out with club promoter Vicky Hamilton and the band of the evening, Oedipus, in our most recent installment of CraveOnline's Backstage Pass.

Check out upcoming shows at the Malibu Inn Official Web site, and be sure to follow @OedipusBand on Twitter!

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