Sarah Harmer Joins Protest Against Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline

Canadian songstress joins others in speaking out against the project.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Sarah Harmer is the latest person to join the fight against the Northern Gateway oil pipeline, joining the likes of Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams – the two were a part of a group of women who just wrapped up an eight-day tour of the pipeline route in northern Alberta as well as BC, which stretches 1100 kilometres.

Calgary-based Enbridge (TSX:ENB), who is backing the project, says the pipeline is a strategic move for the entire country and will result in thousands of jobs and billions in government revenues. However, oil spills and other environmental concerns still top the list of why such celebs are speaking out against it.

"As a Canadian, as someone who feels a moral responsibility as a Canadian, whose government is participating so intensively in such an intensive set of projects in the tar sands, as a global citizen as well, I felt it was an obligation if I had the opportunity… to see first-hand what is at the heart of our largest emitter of global greenhouse gases in this country," Harmer said in Vancouver, the final stop for the trip organized by the Ottawa-based Nobel Women's Initiative (as reported by The Canadian Press). "I think what really moved me the most and I think is maybe the most powerful thing that I want to convey is the level of confidence that I heard in women's words and in women's voices saying: This will not happen, this Northern Gateway pipeline will not happen because we say it will not happen. We are committed to this land and this water and we're speaking for it. Their level of confidence and belief I think is really important and I think it's contagious and I think you create with your words reality."

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