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The Black Keys Drop ‘ Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP’ on iTunes

Pick up a studio-sessions EP from the band's rehearsals for their 2012 world tour.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Today on iTunes, the Black Keys have released their Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP – a collected recording of six tracks performed live in the studio last December, as the band rehearsed for the world tour that would take them through much of 2012.

A new studio album is also in the works for the Keys, and this is what we know so far: In an interview with Rolling Stone late last Spring, drummer Patrick Carney was asked about the band’s plans for this year; he replied: “We’re going back in the studio in July. We’ll have a couple weeks to start the next album then.”

When questioned about a possible release window for this upcoming album, he hinted that new material wasn't likely to arrive until next year: “We don’t know when we’ll be done but we’re starting it in July. We might not finish it until March since we have to tour so much but we’ll see. We don’t know what’s going on. After July, we’ll be able to know how long it’ll take.

Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP Tracklist:

01. Dead and Gone
02. Gold on the Ceiling
03. Lonely Boy
04. Next Girl
05. Run Right Back
06. Tighten UP


Photo: Johnny Firecloud