Johnny Depp Rocks With Black Keys at MTV Movie Awards

Watch the Black Keys jam with the legendary actor on Sunday.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Living acting legend Johnny Depp was honored Sunday night at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards with the MTV Generation Award for his exceptional contributions to the film industry.

Broadcast live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA, rock duo The Black Keys performed a special rendition of their hit single “Gold On the Ceiling” in Depp’s honor, with Captain Jack Sparrow aka Willy Wonka aka Raul Duke taking on axe duties with a guitar that was clearly audible throughout the performance – something of an anomaly in the safe and meticulously crafted token performances the channel is known for these days. 

After accepting his honorary award, the actor then rejoined the band for a collaborative rendition of the band's El Camino hit "Lonely Boy" – which audiences at home didn't get to see in its entirety thanks to the wonderful world of advertising taking precedent over content. 

But hey, it's MTV we're talking about, after all. Superficiality is the specialty – the only flavor on tap. We'll take what we can get for today, however, because this is one collaboration that's just fine by us.