Theophilus London Touches Up New Album With Converse Rubber Tracks

Check out two new studio clips from the exploding Brooklyn rapper.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Hot on the heels of Theophilus London's collaboration single with Big Boi, Converse Rubber Tracks has premiered two new exclusive short-films this week, and both are most definitely worth your time. Both "Oh Hello" and "Track of the Week" feature rapper, Brooklyn native and Converse Rubber Tracks recording artist Theophilus London.

In "Oh Hello!," London shares the meaning behind his the track "Lisa," as well as what his feelings are following his session at Converse Rubber Tracks. 

This week's "Track of the Week" features the single "Lisa" from Theophilus. The single will be featured on his mix tape Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island available at The piece explains the reason behind the track and gives an insight into the man's recording process. 


"Oh Hello!" featuring Theophilus London: 



"Track of the Week" featuring Theophilus London recording "Lisa": 



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