Sing Something App: If You Loved ‘Draw Something’…

The viral success of the Draw Something app has spawned a new game for would-be singers.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Have we all had enough of that Draw Something app? If so, the timing is perfect for Sing Something, a makeshift-karaoke spin on the smash viral app that had friends and strangers guess what the other is drawing. Only this time, it's your croaky warble others will be trying to decipher as you sing a selection of tunes.

Sing Something is a social singing game that has you sing a song from a selected category, while others guess what tune you're hacking up.

“We love singing in the shower and always wanted to create a music based game, we just couldn't find the right recipe,” Vlado Hrincar, one of the developers for the app told Mashable. “Then we came across the Draw Something concept and that was it. Enlightened by the idea, we put our next-big-thing gaming project on hold and started working on Sing Something.”

Users choose a friend to play with, then select a song from a set of three options. If you know the song, you can go ahead and belt it out to send your musical stylings to your friend. While the game doesn't have a karaoke-style built-in lyric scroll, it does offer up a few YouTube links to the track so you're not too far off in your rendition.

When it comes time for you to guess the song, after listening to your friend's performance you can select letters from a virtual keyboard to fill in the blanks for the song and artist, like the old hangman game. Sing Something currently has a library of over 1000 songs, based on tastes of the programmers and YouTube popularity.

There are all sorts of other little bells and whistles to keep the game interesting as well. While currently only available for iOS, the app will soon be available for Android as well.

Give the Sing Something app a spin by downloading here