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10 Metal Albums To Listen For In May

Ten brand new albums you're going to need a neckbrace after hearing.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Fellow metal heads rejoice! It’s the month of May, which brings not just flowers but also new metal albums for your ear bleeding enjoyment. Being the kind soul that I am, I have chopped your shopping list down to ten metal albums you should check out this month.


Cattle Decapitation

Monolith Of Inhumanity

Metal Blade Records

Release Date: May 8th

Deathgrind quintet Cattle Decapitation unleashes their own particular brand of apocalyptic fury with their new album Monolith Of Inhumanity. Dirty, ugly, mean spirited and brutal as it gets, Cattle Decapitation start where most grind bands end. With guest appearances from members of Cephalic Carnage and Devourment, Monolith Of Inhumanity is set to lay waste to all who challenge it.



Half Blood

Relapse Records

Release Date: May 8th

Horseback is one of the more interesting bands out this month. A strange swirling mix of psychedelic music and vocals that sound like a dying demon, Horseback live to buck trends and see how far they can push the genre of extreme music. Half Blood is their first new release on Relapse Records (who released the band’s first two EPs on one album titled The Gorgon Tongue) and if they live up to the hype, it could be a mid-card contender for album of the year.



Dope Smoker Re-Release

Southern Lord Records

Release Date: May 8th

If you haven’t heard of Sleep then you have no business entertaining the idea that you understand heavy music. The iconic doom band dropped the legendary album Sleep’s Holy Mountain and then, right when they were poised for greatness, they broke up. Part of the break up was due to London Record’s inability to market Dope Smoker, a 72-minute album consisting of one song. Over a decade later, Southern Lord have re-mastered this epic, added new artwork and an old Sleep live track. If you’re curious how good Sleep is, from those ashes rose High On Fire.




The End Records

Release Date: May 8th

If you like European death metal with violins and crazy guitar leads, then New York City’s Hung may be right up your alley. Switching between brutal riffs and dark melodies, Hung takes their virtuoso style of playing and try to inject some humanity into it. Where as most bands that use their influences this readily can be seen as overloading their records, Hung manage to make music that’s eclectic but still cohesive.





Release Date: May 15th

Philm is a trio featuring Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, guitarist/vocalist Gerry Nestler and bassist Pancho Tomaselli. The music on this album is part experimental rock, part prog rock and then dashes of metal that set everything a bit off balance.  Nestler’s vocals even manage to inject some pop sensibilities into Harmonic. As the guy who could spend his life just being the drummer for Slayer, Lombardo never ceases to amaze with his desire to create and be part of different musical outlets. Even if you don’t care for Fantomas or Lombardo’s other non-Slayer endeavors, check out Philm just for the hell of it.


Shadows Fall

Fire From The Sky

Razor & Tie Records

Release Date May 15th

Hey, remember these guys? 10 years ago they were poised to be the biggest metal band ever.  That didn’t happen but every few year the band puts out their take on thrash metal. This year brings us Fire From The Sky, a turgent collection of what Shadows Fall does best. Catchy riffs, big drums and screaming vocals are the name of the game with Shadows Fall and if you like that kind of thing, then Fire From The Sky could be just up your alley.


Royal Thunder


Relapse Records

Release Date: May 22nd

There’s been a big buzz on the band Royal Thunder and their upcoming debut full length titled CVI. Fronted by Miny Parsonz, the Atlanta based four piece are another in the line of bands bringing doom, psychedelic, and blues-rock into the mix. Parsonz can sound angelic to evil, from full on seventies rocker to doom metal siren. Obviously she is the band’s secret weapon and the one thing that separates them from being a standard sound in the world of heavy slow rock.


Six Feet Under


Metal Blade Records

Release Date: May 22nd

This is the first Six Feet Under release since splitting with bassist Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall. Don’t fear though, the first death metal super group doesn’t miss a beat with their latest record Undead. Some will miss the more groove-laden style of Butler and Gall, while others will enjoy how tight and focused the music has become. The sound hasn’t changed enough for fans to trade in their Six Feet Under back patches but there may be a period of adjustment.


Saint Vitus

Lillie F-65

Season Of Mist

Release Date: May 22nd

Saint Vitus and iconic front man Wino are back to what they do best. Lillie: F-65 is 7 songs of classic Saint Vitus slow rock. I say slow rock instead of Doom simply because Vitus have a groove in their molasses that most in the doom genre fail to comprehend. Saint Vitus have as much sadness, anger and discontent as a band like YOB, but they’re dirtier, grittier, sounding more like an angry biker gang than a bunch of D&D kids who discovered down tuning.




Candlelight Records

Release Date: May 22nd

Varg Viekernes is back. The controversial black metal legend returns with another foray into experimental folk music with traditional roots and black metal overtones. Umskipter comes across like half spoken word and half instrumental. Viekernes doesn’t really push any new boundaries with this album, but if you enjoyed Fallen or Belus, then you’ll dig this. If this is how Varg is going to spend his remaining years, making experimental folk black metal then count me in. Even is his politics are ridiculously insipid.