Kill The Popscene! Vol. 3 feat. Thom Yorke & The Voice

This week: Thom Yorke unveils new 'Atoms For Peace' songs and The Voice judges embarrass themselves.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Welcome to the third installment of Kill The Popscene!, a Crave Online weekly music blog that will be focusing solely on new music from the UK, both good and bad, that has been pumped into our earholes throughout the last week. So go make yourself a nice cup of tea, postpone your ongoing battle with Lord Voldemort and sit down and enjoy some good ol' fashioned limey audible bliss…

Thom Yorke reveals new Atoms For Peace songs, they sound like Thom Yorke songs

So Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich unveiled a handful of new songs from the upcoming debut LP of their supergroup Atoms For Peace, which also includes Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker, during their DJ set at Transmission L.A. 

In case you were wondering whether Atoms For Peace would see Thom deviate from his patented 'howling over a backdrop of looped indeterminable noises', then the short answer is no. No it does not. 

However, I shouldn't judge it just yet, nor should I state that I wished we could go back to a time before Thom started trying to be Burial.


The Voice judges embarrassed themselves

The difficulty with being a judge on BBC's The Voice is that the show's credibility relies on people thinking that you're talented. This means that when said judges perform an ill-advised rendition of U2's 'Beautiful Day', viewers are left to sit and ponder just what the bloody hell is doing judging the talent of others in the first place.

Say what you like about Britain's Got Talent, but at least Simon Cowell doesn't knee-slide across the stage like a 6-year-old at a school disco.


Frank Carter wants to change the world

Seems like former Gallows frontman Frank Carter became a bit disenchanted with the ideals of the punk band, as he's gone and named his new band Pure Love and begins their debut track 'Bury My Bones' with the line "I'm so sick of singing about hate / it's never gonna make a change".

How he thinks forming a band that sounds like The Darkness sans Justin Hawkins will "make a change" is anyone's guess, but as it stands this is a promising lead single that, ironically, will probably inspire much hate among fans of his hardcore days.


Hey Frank Carter, Skepta wants to make peace, too!

For the video to last year's absurd-yet-rather-good single 'All Over The House', Skepta filmed a porno. Unfortunately, the only comparison that can be drawn between that and his drab new single 'Make Peace Not War' is that its video also features a room filled with dicks.


Florence + The Machine soundtrack the new Kristen Stewart film, cue screaming teenage girls

In a savvy bit of marketing teenage favourites Florence + The Machine will feature on the soundtrack of perpetual teenager Kristen Stewart's new film Snow White & The Huntsman. The song is, as Crave Online's Johnny Firecloud describes it, "full of orchestral depth and choir vocals", which means that it should be the perfect backdrop to Stewart's "just sniffed a dodgy fart" face for 180 minutes.


MIA previews new song, it sounds great

MIA released a brief clip previewing new track 'Come Walk With Me', which will presumably feature on her upcoming fourth studio LP. It sounds awesome in a 'it's MIA, what else did you expect?' kind of way.


Kasabian could have been anything they wanted to be

Another week, another odd cover song from Kasabian. This time they're tackling 'We Could Have Been Anything' from Bugsy Malone. If their recent tit for tat with Lana Del Rey is anything to go by, we should be expecting a cover of 'Club Foot' by Fat Sam at any moment.


Here's a song about a guy who loves his dentist

Tellison's 'Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart' will divide music lovers into two categories:

1) Those who will appreciate a man singing of his love for his dentist,

or 2) Those who will not.


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