Aussie Hip-Hop Sensation Drapht Sets U.S. Date For ‘Life Of Riley’

Check out a great video for the infectious track "Rapunzel" and dig in deeper with a breath of fresh air in Hip-Hop.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


With a new album, The Life Of Riley, dropping in the U.S. on May 8th via his own label The Ayems, the stage looks set for Aussie flowmaster Drapht to conquer American shores.  The album is already gold down under, with signature track “Rapunzel” actually reaching double platinum sales status. 

Linking up with long time musical collaborator Trials (also from Aussie hip hop outfit, Funkoars) as well as a veritable treasure trove of guest emcees (Nfa, Urthboy, Mantra) outside musicians, producers (M-Phazes) and singers (Abbe May, Simon Cox) The Life Of Riley is a blast of fresh air in a genre stifled by expectations of uniformity. Melodic yet genuine approaches to hip hop incorporates a great deal of live instrumentation into the beats, as well as Drapht’s own uncanny sense of lyrical hooks. The album traverses through a record collection without boundaries including the almost 60’s psyche-pop of "Rapunzel," the dark-dub styling of “Murder Murder” to world music inflected party-rocker “Bali Party” just to name a few. 

Check out the animated video for the infectious jam "Rapunzel," and read more about the track below:

As an emcee Drapht’s subject matter tends to blend devil-may-care youthful defiance with a deep and very vulnerable introspective side.  Speaking on the subject Drapht says “Capturing a huge part of my life is what makes a song so special to me.  When it comes to my fan base though, and the age group I seem to have attracted, well with 'Rapunzel' in mind I have had feed-back from fans that  would vary from the age of 6 to the age of mid 70's, which is pretty special.”  Speaking on the genesis of Rapunzel, the idea of which carried over from his 2009 theme album Brothers Grimm Drapht says “I was reading over the Grimm fairy tales and the story of Rapunzel jumped out at me perfectly as a metaphor about an ex-girlfriend of mine who was close to my heart but a complete ball-breaker and unable to let her hair down. The lyrics itself were probably some of the easiest to write for the record but the recording process was a complete different story.  The 60's surf-rock feel was 30bpm faster than the textbook mid 90’s hip hop sound, so the delivery took a while to get my head around.”

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