Big Day Out Hits Perth For The Last Time?

The Big Day Out receives an giant "meh" from locals

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The Big Day Out festival completed the last leg of its Australia/New Zealand tour yesterday in Perth, maybe for the final time.

In its 20th annual year, it has already been announced that the Auckland, NZ gig will not be back in 2013 and despite a great day in Perth, the festival received little fanfare and saw attendance numbers halved from the previous year.

BDO was originally scheduled to play at Claremont Showgrounds with Kanye West as a headlining act, but neither of those things happened. Confusion set in as event promoters plugged it at another Perth venue without council approval and eventually had to settle with McCallum Park on the foreshore as the location.

Despite all this, tickets prices were reduced by the smallest of margins from their original $165 price tag, something that put off a lot of people considering a two day events like Southbound, with equally promising acts, charge just $200 in comparison.

This year’s event attracted only 12,000 locals, down from over 20,000 last year even less than the 40,000 in previous years.

BDO chief exec Adam Zammit told the West Australian that the decision to cut West from the lineup hurt attendance numbers.

“We took away one of our headline acts and we got a smack on the bum from the Perth punters,” he said.

Horseback police countered the heroes attempting to jump the fences, but those that paid still received a decent show. Soundgarden were last in West Australia 13 years ago but packed out the main stage as the lone headline act. Fans were also treated to the likes of Foster the People, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, dubstep act Nero and Kasabian.

The crowds were unfortunately subjected to a topless Iggy Pop appearance and Tony Hawk skateboarding is apparently still cool.