YouTube are Disgraceful for Removing Racy Perfume Genius Video Says Michael Stipe

REM frontman furious at the "cowardly" video hosting site.  

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Following YouTube's removal of a promotional clip for Perfume Genius' new album 'Put Your Back N 2 It', REM frontman Michael Stipe has wasted no time in giving his two cents on the situation, branding the video hosting sites actions "disgraceful and cowardly". 

The 16 second clip shows Perfume Genius' Mike Hadreas embracing gay porn star Arpad Miklos, an image taken from the singers new single 'Hood'. Following the removal of the clip YouTube sent the following statement to record label Matador: "The ad has been disapproved because it violates our Adult Image/Video Content policy. Per this policy, video content, audio, static imagery, and site content must be family safe.

"Any ads that contain non family safe material are disapproved. I noted to the team that the people in the video are not entirely unclothed, but the overall feeling of the video is one of a more adult nature, including promoting mature sexual themes and what appears to be nude content."

Here's the "offending" clip:


Now, just for fun, let's play a little comparison game with Rihanna's advert for perfume Reb'l Fleur:


So is Rihanna rubbing her hands across her tits whilst pulling her best orgasm face not a sexual theme then YouTube? It seems your strict policies on the content of the advertisements you host is quite biased, namely against homosexuals; a bit weird that a forward-thinking and pioneering website such as yourself would advocate homophobia, innit?

Michael Stipe, whose sexuality has been ambiguous throughout his career, took to his blog to vent his frustration, saying: "I've been listening to the new Perfume Genius record. It is a beautiful and amazing record and a stunning 2nd album and achievement.

"But in trying to advertise the record and first video, this short clip has been banned by YouTube. For YouTube to deem this advertisement as "non family safe" is dumbheaded discrimination; I find their actions in doing so disgraceful and cowardly. YouTube, shame on you. You were born of the 21st Century, now act like it."

Nils Bernsetin of Matador also gave his take on the video sharing sites actions, saying: "I should note that this isn’t a user-uploaded video – the music video itself is on YouTube and not even flagged as 'adult' – this is what’s called a "pre-roll" ad, those annoying ads that we pay YouTube to run before videos you want to watch. So it seems they're worried about upsetting unsuspecting viewers that don’t want to see two men looking romantically at each other."

For those of you who are comfortable with your sexuality enough to put up with the sight of a couple of blokes looking at each other, here's the video for Perfume Genius' rather brilliant lead single 'Hood'. 'Put Your Back N 2 It' is released on February 20th.

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