Kayne West and Soundgarden Rock Australia’s Big Day Out

Millions Party For Australia Day as Australia celebrates the country's biggest holiday.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Whether it be by phone call or a cheeky text message, an estimated 171,000 Australians nationwide called in sick today and cost employers around $65 million.

It was a good Australia Day then.

Parties across the land celebrated the national holiday yesterday, but none were better than Sydney’s Big Day Out.

Kanye West and Soundgarden were the headline acts of the 20th annual BDO with other big name performers including: Foster The People, Boy and Bear, Aussie hip-hop outfit Hilltop Hoods and Kasabian.

Medical staff were happy to announce that only six people were hospitalised and that figure didn’t include Calling All Cars bassist Adam McGregor who took an elbow to the face while crowd surfing and had to be rushed from the event.

Noel Gallagher of Oasis wasn’t really up to scratch about the nation’s biggest holiday, telling the crowd, “Happy Australia Day whatever that means.”

The lamest party of the year appeared to be held in Brisbane as organisers cancelled events at the last minute because of expected rain. It didn’t come.

Bare river banks and lonely drinkers were about as good as it got for the few that made it out, but no one was complaining considering the effects of the devastating floods one year earlier were no longer evident.

Sydney Harbour and Cronulla and Bondi Beach were also featured huge masses of celebrators.

Thousands gathered along the Swan River in Perth and held out the 40 degree heat and occasional shower to see a massive firework display.

The notoriously rowdy event featured fewer arrests this year, 139 (!), but if music and dancing were more your thing then Club Paradiso on the beach in Fremantle was a good option. Headlined by the Stafford Brothers, the organisers put on a solid event that drew a great crowd, and a whole lot of guys that apparently came straight from the gym.

The ridiculous media driven, flag-waving racism uproar of the past week was all but forgotten and Australia celebrated another great Australia Day.

Photo Credit: Wenn