Watch Kanye West Rapping as a Teenager in 1996

Ye's flow is remarkably developed for a no-name kid from Chi-town.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

The internet uncovers the darnedest things. Sunday morning, DDotOmen posted footage of a teenage Kanye West dropping rhymes in Chicago, flowing impressively back in 1996. 

Watch below:

Surprisingly, Ye's flow style is highly similar to his current design in the video, which is stepped all over by his inferior rhyme partner Phenom. 

As for Kanye's 2012 plans, it appears as if Watch The Throne is getting a sequel – that is, if Jay-Z's enthusiasm becomes kinetically active. While deep in the paces of his Watch The Thone tour with Kanye late last year Jay said: “It depends on how this thing finishes up,” He added: “We — I say ‘we’ because I’m in Throne mode — we’re in a great place creatively. You might see a Jay, then Kanye and a Throne album next year. You know, we’re really in a great place creatively. We really found our zone.”

We'll keep you posted on how that develops. In the meantime, check out our 50 Most Anticipated Albums of 2012.