Alice In Chains Plan New Album: Jerry Cantrell Explains

AIC's guitarist/vocalist explains that writing is well underway for the follow-up to 'Black Gives Way To Blue'.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

After 2009's gorgeous Black Gives Way To Blue album and subsequent touring cycles, Alice In Chains are getting back into the studio this year to record a new album.

Rolling Stone reports that guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell confirms the band will be working on the follow-up to their last album, their first to feature new singer William Duvall. 

"We started writing last year," Cantrell dished at the recent Dimebash tribute in L.A., the annual show in honor late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

According to Cantrell, the group will hit the studio in the Spring – something everyone involved has been chomping at the bit to return to. Cantrell had some medical ailments to deal with, however, which kept him out of full work mode: "I had shoulder surgery. I had to get some bone spurs and torn cartilage taken care of, so that put me back a little bit," he says. "But we’ve been writing through the whole process."

A lot of metal maniacs cocked a hard eyebrow at the news before the last record dropped that Elton John would be involved, but EJ's feature on piano on the album's title track was a beautiful one. There won't be a repeat performance, however, as Cantrell has no plans to turn the band's albums into guesting carousels. 

"That’s just the universe lining up right. I had nothing to do with that other than asking," Cantrell says. "What (Elton) is, beyond anything else, is a f**king amazing musician. And he’s the guy who inspired me to start playing music, so to have him play on one of our records – especially such a meaningful record, where we’re restarting our musical careers and saying goodbye and honoring our buddy [the late Layne Staley] – it’s a tremendous thing."