VOYR Lets Fans Inside Kanye’s Offstage Life

Voyeurism just strapped on a jetpack. But at what cost to culture?

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

As of today, a brand new entertainment platform, VOYR, is providing a new way to get up close & personal with your favorite artists and celebrities.

For $5 a month, VOYR offers members a virtual all-access pass to exclusive, behind-the-scenes content from their favorite big-name acts, with among the most high-profile names one could ask for kicking off the service: Kanye West. Fans who check out the VOYR site can see an in-studio glimpse of the making of his Jay-Z collaboration album Watch The Throne.

Just in time to kick off the joint Watch the Throne tour with Jay-Z on October 28th, VOYR is helping make the run of shows the world's first interactive concert tour. Registered members can watch exclusive live webcasts, among other exclusive content. According to Rolling Stone, Kanye’s channel will include "his exercise routine, instructional videos by his personal chef, a Watch the Throne concert experience, rehearsals for the show, a documentary self-centeredly titled "Me," and an animated series called "Runaway."" We should've seen this coming.

As the world moves with greater velocity into an exclusively vicarious existence, whether through social media overload or reality show indoctrination, it would only make sense that a service like VOYR would rise to power. While it's an undoubtedly fascinating opportunity for fans to achieve a new level of intimacy with their subjects of relative obsession (deals with Oprah and Elton John are reportedly in the works as well), one wonders what the ultimate good of all this access will serve.

In an age of cyber-stalking and competitively hysterical hyperbolic devotion to every celebrity-culture trend from the Twilight Saga to the Kardashians (and the ocean of soullessness in between), introspection and individualism are further relegated to the corners of awareness, where the profit margins are far slimmer and the resulting impact – potential for a dose of self-bettering enlightenment, for instance – is further marginalized. VOYR allows us to further disconnect from our own lives and immerse in a world which we will most assuredly never attain ourselves.

In a culture more addicted to vicarious living than Lindsay Lohan is to the paparazzi lens, is a new & improved shortcut to reality disconnect really what we need right now?