Smashing Pumpkins To Reissue ‘Gish’ & ‘Siamese Dream’

SP's first two groundbreaking albums are getting the full remastering treatment!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


On November 29 The Smashing Pumpkins will reissue remastered and updated versions of their legendary first two albums – Gish (1991) and Siamese Dream (1993). The records, certified platinum and 4X platinum respectively, are widely considered landmarks in the alternative music universe, a key component in the birthing of the musical movement that took the world over in the mid-nineties.

Each album will be available in CD, deluxe 2CD/DVD,  vinyl LP, and  digital configurations, each with bonus content and special features that were curated from the band’s archives by founding member Billy Corgan. The records have been painstakingly remastered for the first time from the original master tapes by Bob Ludwig. (See all track listings on Page 2.)

As fans revel in the chance to reflect on the golden days via these reissues, the band is excited to be moving forward by creating new music. After touring America and Europe this fall–the trek launched October 5 in Los Angeles and wraps December 8 in Lisbon–they will release Oceania, “an album within an album,” as part of their in-progress 44-song work Teargarden By Kaleidyscope. What we've heard of the greater whole hasn't been promising, but we're reserving judgement for the full release, which is due in early 2012.

Housed in special lift-top box packaging, the deluxe versions feature liner notes and track by track commentary from Billy Corgan, never-before-seen collages and photos, postcards and more.

Check out Page 2 for the full tracklist and special features details!


Here are the special features about both Smashing Pumpkins reissues:

         • Deluxe versions of Gish and Siamese Dream will each include a bonus disc of rare and previously unreleased audio content.

         • Deluxe versions of Gish and Siamese Dream also contain a never-before-released live show from the Metro in Chicago on DVD.

         • The Gish bonus disc will include brand new Butch Vig mixes of the original Sub Pop single tracks “Tristessa” and “La Dolly Vita.”

         • Vinyl has been mastered specifically for the format.


Disc 1:

1.    I am one

2.    Siva

3.    Rhinoceros

4.    Bury me

5.    Crush

6.    Suffer

7.    Snail

8.    Tristessa

9.    Window paine

10.  Daydream


Disc 2: 

         1.       Starla (2011 mix)

         2.       Siva (Peel session)*

         3.       Honeyspider (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)

         4.       Hippy Trippy (Crush Music Box demo)

         5.       Snail (live radio performance)

         6.       Plume (2011 mix)

         7.       Bury Me (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)

         8.       Daydream (Old House demo)

         9.       Tristessa (Sub Pop single / 2011 mix)

         10.     Girl Named Sandoz (Peel session)*

         11.     Jesus Is The Sun (Apartment demo)

         12.     Blue (Gish sessions demo)

         13.     Smiley (Gish sessions demo)

         14.     I Am One (Reel Time demos / 2011 mix)

         15.     Seam (Suffer / Apartment demo)

         16.     La Dolly Vita (2011 mix)

         17.     Pulseczar (Gish sessions demo)*

         18.     Drown (alternate guitar solo)

All songs previously unreleased except where indicated.*


Live at The Metro, Chicago, IL 8/25/90


         1.       I am one

         2.       Snail

         3.       Rhinoceros

         4.       Bury Me

         5.       Tristessa

         6.       Window Paine

         7.       Razor

         8.       Sookie Sookie

         9.       Godzilla

         10.     Crush – Acoustic




Disc 1:

         1.       Cherub rock

         2.       Quiet

         3.       Today

         4.       Hummer

         5.       Rocket

         6.       Disarm

         7.       Soma

         8.       Geek U.S.A

         9.       Mayonaise

         10.     Spaceboy

         11.     Silverfuck

         12.     Sweet sweet

         13.     Luna


Disc 2:

         1.       Pissant (siamese sessions rough mix)

         2.       Siamese dream (broadway rehearsals demo)

         3.       STP (rehearsal demo)

         4.       Frail and bedazzled (soundworks demo)

         5.       Luna (apartment demo)

         6.       Quiet (bbc session/bc mix)

         7.       Moleasskiss (soundworks demo)

         8.       Hello kitty kat (soundworks demo)

         9.       Today (broadway rehearsal demo)

         10.     Never let me down again (bbc session)*

         11.     Apathy's last kiss (siamese sessions rough mix)

         12.     Ache (silverfuck rehearsal demo)

13.  U.S.A. (soundworks demo)

         14.     U.S.S.R. (soundworks demo)

         15.     Spaceboy (acoustic mix)

         16.     Rocket (rehearsal demo)

         17.     Disarm (acoustic mix)

         18.     Soma (instrumental mix)

All songs previously unreleased except where indicated.*



Live At The Metro, Chicago, 8/14/93


         1.       Rocket

         2.       Quiet

         3.       Today

         4.       Rhinoceros

         5.       Geek U.S.A.

         6.       Soma

         7.       I am one

         8.       Disarm

         9.       Spaceboy

         10.     Starla

         11.     Cherub rock

         12.     Bury me

         13.     Hummer

         14.     Siva

         15.     Mayonaise

         16.     Drown

         17.     Silverfuck