RIP: Amy Winehouse Found Dead

Embattled singer who had well-publicized struggles with addiction was found dead on Saturday.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

It's been a very long time coming, and nobody can call it even the slightest suggestion of a surprise, but it's sad news nonetheless: Amy Winehouse is dead.

Nick Buckley (Head of News at  London's Sunday Mirror) is reporting that troubled soul singer has died at the age of 27. "Police sources have confirmed that Winehouse's is dead. Found at her North London home at 3:54 pm. Drink and drugs overdose suspected," he tweeted.

James Saville, News Editor for the Sunday Mirror, confirmed the singer's death via Twitter on Saturday morning as well.

Winehouse's demise comes as little surprise to anyone familiar with her recurring crack binges and various narcotic escapades/relapses. Her recent onstage performances displayed an atrociously bad sense of professionalism, and she was consistently unable to shake her reputation as the Crackie of Camden despite numerous trips to rehab.

Sensitivity is demanded at a time like this, but for a girl who first came to our attention with a song about refusing to go to rehab, the final chapter in this story seemed written from the start.

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