RHCP Name New Album, Single, Release Date

I'm With You hits stores at Summer's end, with "The Adventures of Raindance Maggie" hitting radio next month!  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Red Hot Chili Peppers have broken silence on the name and date of their tenth studio album!

Bassist Flea took to Twitter to announce that the band's new record is finally coming on August 30, entitled I'm With You. "It gives me profound pleasure deep in the fiber of my being to announce the august 30 release date of the new red hot chili peppers's record," The wildly prolific/spaztic four-stringer tweeted Sunday evening.

Coming 5 years after their last album, Stadium Arcadium, I'm With You is set to be the first without Frusciante since 1995's One Hot Minute (which featured Dave Navarro on the guitar). The album's lead single, “The Adventures of Raindance Maggie,” will premiere on July 18th. No word yet whether or not the word "California" will be in the lyrics – but our money's on yes.

The follow-up to 2006′s Stadium Arcadium, the album will be the first to feature new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced savant-like six-string genius John Frusciante in 2010. He'll have massive shoes to fill, as Frusciante's virtuosic guitar work and vocal harmonies were defining features of the band's recent albums.

Speaking with Los Angeles radio station KROQ earlier this year, frontman Anthony Kiedis noted that “the big difference, writing wise, for this album is Flea got his piano playing together, and so instead of him coming in with really cool ideas for the bass guitar, he’d come in with really cool ideas for the piano.” Kiedis also credited the influence of Klinghoffer, explaining, “Josh has never really had a band he was part of… he came in with sort of a lifetime of music… a real reservoir of chords and ideas… and now he has a place for it.”