Exclusive: The Vaccines Full Album Stream

Listen to What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? before you can buy it, and check out an exclusive track by track breakdown by frontman Justin Young!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


The Vaccines are set to unleash their debut album on the world this Tuesday (May 31), but CraveOnline has teamed up with the English indie rockers and MySpace to rock an exclusive premiere, before anyone can get their hands on it!

Even more, what could be better than a track-by-track commentary on the album directly from the source?! Frontman Justin Young was kind enough to take the time to give us a few words on each song on What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, for a bit of contextual placement for the listener.


Read Justin's commentary as you listen:


1. Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

I think this is a good opening track. It’s fast and to the point and serves as a good introduction to the band.


2. If You Wanna

This was the first song we wrote for the record. Before this we were more esoterical in nature. This convinced us to become a pop band


3. A Lack of Understanding

This is one of our favorite songs on the record. I love its simplicity and the way it moves.


4. Blow It Up

This is about getting fed up with a friend with a big ego. It’s a request to give it up.


5. Wetsuit

This is a song about not wanting to get old. The lyrics are silly and they’re supposed to be. I love the drum beat.


6. Norgaard

I wrote this song after a night out, it’s fun. I love the melody, its uplifting.


7. Post Break-up Sex

This song is pretty self-explanatory. I remember writing it on my bed and wanting it to be as simple as possible. It’s exactly numb


8. Under Your Thumb

This was a song we battled with in terms of arrangement. We all loved the song and settled on this. Its fun and a fun love song!


9. All In White

This is a song I had for a long time and we started playing it because we all like it. Hopefully its euphony.


10. Wolf Pack

This is a song I wrote about my friends. I wrote it before we started touring so much. I miss them!


11. Family Friend

This song has two parts. The first is sweet. The second is bitter. I like the big build at the end. Classic album ending.


12. Somebody Else’s Child

I think you should always put your best songs on a record but this didn’t really work stylistically so we decided to make it a hidden track.



Pick up The Vaccines' new album over at iTunes, and keep up with the band at their Facebook page and at their official site!