Video: Dr. Dre And Eminem – I Need A Doctor

Dre and Eminem should spend more time performing songs and less time making short films.

DjMick V2by DjMick V2

Video: Dr. Dre And Eminem - I Need A Doctor

DJMick V2

This feature on the Dr. Dre and Eminem comes from our friends at DJMICK V2, the site filled with "All things Sexy and Cool".

This video takes about three minutes to kick into the track — three minutes of story and build up is waaay to much for me but this is a Dr Dre and Eminem production so it’s got to be big.

These ego maniacs can’t just stand up and sing the damn song. Oh, no, no, no.

The song itself, I Need A Doctor, is just typical Eminem with some vocals from Skylar Grey to mix it up a little. If you like the Dre / Eminem combination then you’ll probably love this. For the rest of us it’s just more of what we’ve already heard a thousand times before.

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