Listen: Four Unreleased ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Beck Tracks Surface

The film lives on with more Sex Bob-Omb music, and unreleased Beck tracks!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Listen: Four Unreleased 'Scott Pilgrim' Beck Tracks Surface

Sadly, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World failed exquisitely at the box office last year, but that didn’t stop its general awesomeness from carrying on strong with the crowd it was marketed towards. And now, the legacy continues with four unreleased tracks from Beck, who handled songwriting duties for the film’s soundtrack and band-battle showdowns.

These tracks are, for the most part, segmented and fuzzed out to the point of intense annoyance, but beneath the bass-drive overload there are a couple catchy little jams for Beck fans to rock with. Indefatigable was in the film, but for reasons unknown it didn’t end up on the official soundtrack.

No Fun is a demo of the track that was eventually recorded by Sex Bob-Omb for the movie. I’m particularly partial to Disgusting Rainbow and Gasoline Eyes, though the latter cuts out less than a minute and a half in. Those two were recorded by Beck with multi-instrumentalist, electro-music whiz and longtime collaborator Brian LeBarton, the sessions for which yielded a number of songs that have yet to surface.

Beck – Disgusting Rainbow

Beck – Gasoline Eyes

Sex Bob-Omb – Indefatigable

Beck – No Fun

Much thanks to WhiskeyClone and SomeKindofAwesome for the find.