New Music Tuesday: Full Album Streams, Videos, MP3s & More!

New music from Black Keys, PJ Harvey, Nas & Damian Marley, 50 Cent, Cat Power and more!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

New Music Tuesday: Full Album Streams, Videos, MP3s & More!


We’ve got tons of new music coming your way today, with brand new videos, full album streams and more. February’s turning out to be quite the kickass month for music, and we’re bringing it all to you. Enjoy!


The Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love You (Official Video)


The Black Keys have delivered the second video from their Brothers album, for the song "Too Afraid To Love You." This one doesn’t have kids beating the piss out of each other for playground love, but it’s worth checking out. 


Nas & Damian Marley – Patience (Official Video)



Nas and Damian team up for the green screen for the latest visual aid off their phenomenal collaboration album Distant Relatives. It’s not a video…it’s a moving painting!!!


PJ Harvey – Let England Shake (Full Album Stream)


A delightfully unexpected surprise arrives on to kick off this week by way of Miss Polly Jean Harvey, who’s giving us a full advance preview of her brand new album Let England Shake, which hits stores on Feb. 15. This one’s a keeper. 


The New Pornographers – Moves (Official Video)


Everybody’s calling the New Pornographers’ latest video the greatest thing to happen to visual music accompaniments since Radiohead’s Just, so we thought we’d offer it up for your viewing pleasure.

Moves is off the album Together. Directed by Tom Scharpling of radio program The Best Show on WFMU, this star-studded video features a ton of comedy greats, a healthy section of Saturday Night Live’s male cast and essentially everyone who’s ever been employed by the Daily Show, among others.


50 Cent & Governor – Here We Go Again (Video)


Curtis Jackson and his G-Note Records artist Governor give their recent track the visual treatment on "Here We Go Again". Can you say Sleek promo?


B.o.B. Surprise In-Flight Performance of "Airplanes"


They’ll charge you for a pillow and act like you’re a terrorist if you ask for a second bag of peanuts, but airlines don’t bat an eyelash of hesitation when it comes to bringing Grammy sensation superstars up to the mic at 33,000 feet. Go figure. 



Cat Power – New Songs (live)


Cat Power debuted some new material at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on Friday night, and we’re excited by the sounds.


Skip to a minute thirty and watch the beginning to Miss Chan Marshall’s set, which included a slow-burning new song as well as Billie Holiday’s "Don’t Explain" and "Song To Bobby":