GIVEAWAY: The Decemberists ‘The King is Dead’ on CD/Vinyl!

You pick the format, we deliver the musical greatness - a beautifully simple formula.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

GIVEAWAY: The Decemberists 'The King is Dead' on CD/Vinyl!


We’ve loudly proclaimed our love for the latest Decemberists album The King Is Dead, and today we’re bringing the goodness to your record player with a CD/vinyl giveaway.


The Portland band’s critically-acclaimed recent offering is, as frontman Colin Meloy puts it, "an exercise in restraint," abandoning previous English traditions of influence in favor of an influence lineage more in line with Neil Young and The Byrds. The results are a compelling & fascinating departure from 2009’s high-concept masterpiece The Hazards of Love, opting for gentle acoustics and harmonicas over the sprawling, grand ambition of its predecessor. 


This latest offering from The Decemberists is musical minimalism at its finest, a gorgeous departure from the age of bigger, louder, faster, now, as well as the band’s self-imposed trajectory to grandiosity. It’s a beautiful musical beginning to 2011, and we’re proud to be able to bring the sounds to your record player or CD spinner. 


To win, just send an email to with your name, address and which format you’d prefer (CD or vinyl). We’ll pick a winner next Friday!


Keep up with the Decemberists and dig into their previous work at their official website.