This Is The Most Accurate Erectile Dysfunction Ad Ever Made

Get yourself some Roman. You know, if you have that issue.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Screenshot: YouTube

So you’re watching TV and all of a sudden two happy people frolicking through a beach appear on your screen. No, this isn’t an ad for beachwear, it’s actually an ad for erectile dysfunction. And if this doesn’t sound familiar to you perhaps you’ve seen the same ad but with two happy people hiking. Or perhaps two people laughing and smiling in a bed covered in white sheets. And now the men’s health company Roman has made what is arguably the most accurate ad about erectile dysfunction that you’ve probably ever seen.

Check out the hilarious ad below directed by Mike Bernstein (who is the SNL director behind for such sketches like Hillary Campaign Ad and Voters For Trump Ad).

This Is The Most Accurate Erectile Dysfunction Ad Ever Made

And if you’re a big fan of ED pill ads for some reason (sorry in advance if you have an issue down south), you probably noticed the nods to ED pill brands Levitra and Cialis. Because hey, if you can throw a football through a tire you’re all man — that is unless you have issues getting your friend up.

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