Today’s Funny Photos: Thanksgiving Day Edition 11-23-17

Happy Thanksgiving! Now laugh it up (and then eat!)

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

If you’re reading this, that means you’re trying to distract yourself from a few things today: 1) You’re distracting yourself from how hungry you are because the food isn’t ready yet. 2) You’re distracting yourself from your relatives who keep asking why aren’t you married yet. But whatever the case may be, we’re just happy that you’re taken the time to check out a very special edition of Funny Photos. That’s right, it’s the Thanksgiving Day edition of funnies. Just a batch of laughs that all have to do with what is a lot of people’s favorite holiday. And that’s mainly because you have an excuse to stuff your face and drink yourself silly. And then you can go right ahead and take a nap. But first, enjoy these turkey day laughs and have yourself an awesome Thanksgiving!

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Today’s Funny Photos: Thanksgiving Day Edition 11-23-17




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