We’re Realizing 20 Years Later The Cast Of ‘Boogie Nights’ Was Kind Of The Best

Lube up your skates, here comes the funky bunch.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
Photo: New Line Cinema

Twenty years laterBoogie Nights is still the movie with the best cast, even if Mark Wahlberg is a little embarrassed about his Dirk Diggler-led porn flick. Recent comments have surfaced from the best friend of a talking teddy stoner (Ted), Wahlberg claiming he was talking to kids about restoring their faith while holding this Eddie Adams porn boy story in his back pocket.

Nevertheless, Boogie Nights, in hindsight, has some of today’s best actors from 20 years ago. From big names like Burt Reynolds and old classics like Philip Baker Hall to young hotties like Heather Graham and older hotties like Julianne Moore, we’re recapping the greatness of the cast of Boogie Nights in honor of 20 years of porn-producing movie greatness. Get ready for roller girls, old Smoky, pre-superhero Don, Frank Gallagher with a mustache and bowl cut and, of course, the greatest late actor ever.

Now, call up your favorite funky bunch, put on your nut-huggers, hike up your striped socks and lube up your…skates. That’s right, kids, it’s time for some classic Boogie Nights. There’s no escaping this, Marky Mark.

We’re Realizing 20 Years Later The Cast Of ‘Boogie Nights’ Was Kind Of The Best

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