Soccer Fan Throws Paper Airplane Some 300 Yards Into One Of The Goals

Much more exciting than the actual game.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler
Photo: kieferpix (Getty)

Odds are you missed England’s recent World Cup qualifier against Slovenia because you were busy doing anything else, but that means you missed one of the most exciting goals in recent memory.

You see, kids, according to The Extract, there was just one goal in England’s 1-0 victory, but there were technically two of them if you count this unbelievable paper airplane that traveled some “300 yards” in the air before finding the back of the net.

Soccer Fan Throws Paper Airplane Some 300 Yards Into One Of The Goals

Apparently making paper planes during soccer games is nothing new, as it happens rather frequently during low-scoring games such as this one in an effort to overtake fans’ boredom.

Personally, I think that getting a hard on over a paper plane at a soccer game perfectly sums up the product on the field and soccer in general. And by that, yes, I mean that soccer is so fucking dull that throwing paper airplanes is obviously more entertaining. Hell, even the guy in charge of running Italian soccer thinks the game needs strippers and lap dances.

But all arguing aside, impressive throw, bro.

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