Judge Gives Hot Shoplifting Model Super Light Sentence Due To Her ‘Considerable Talents’

Seems like the judge was a tad distracted.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Natalia Sikorska

Well, sharing hot photos of yourself on Instagram is sort of a talent, right? Right? Anyone?

You probably haven’t heard the name Natalia Sikorska before, but she’s a 28-year-old Polish model who made the news for a reason that has nothing to do with modeling. In reality she’s made the news because she was busted attempting to steal a bunch of designer goods from a store call Harrods.

Judge Gives Hot Shoplifting Model Super Light Sentence Due To Her ‘Considerable Talents’

Sikorska was quickly stopped by store security as she attempted to walk out with $1586 worth of stuff. Some of that stuff included a Markus Lupfer jacket, a Pinko handbag, a silver knife and a pair of Claudie Pierlot shoes. It didn’t take long for the blonde model to admit her crime to police and to store security. But guess what? Even being caught red-handed and with an admission to guilt Sikorska will not be getting punished at all.

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The blonde was allowed to walk free from court after the judge hailed her “considerable talent” when she appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court. She admitted the theft and was handed a conditional discharge for 12 months. She was also ordered to pay $111 costs and a $26 victim surcharge.

That’s it. All because the judge thinks Sikorska has “talents.” Here’s what Magistrate Grant McCrostie said:

“You are obviously a woman of considerable talents, you are obviously intelligent. Taking goods from any store, including Harrods is wrong. Your future has been put at risk by these actions. Because of the fact that you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and you do have a potentially bright future, we will deal with this more leniently than we should have.”

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Translation: You’re hot so no prison for you.

McCrostie also added that if Sikorska stays out of trouble there will not be any more punishment. The Polish model is currently studying business management and economics at the University of Westminster. But hey, if she’s into stealing she’ll fit perfectly working on Wall Street.

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