The Absolute Greatest Movies Where Absolutely Nothing Happens

Absolutely nothing at all.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
Photo: Columbia Pictures

Have you ever watched a movie, and as soon as it ended you ask, “What did I just watch?” So it goes with even some of the greatest movies where absolutely nothing happens. From the greatest directorial debuts to the most nostalgic movies of our youth, we are plagued with more movies without plots than you ever realized. The beauty of these great movies in the plotless film world? We’d take them any day over the thoughtless movies of today with budgets bigger than the most expensive home in the United States. Yeah, I looked that up. What do you think will better stand the test of time: a $250 million mansion or Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Now have a look at some of the best films which apparently didn’t need plots or any kind of storyline to be great. The Hollywood hacks could learn a thing or two from these classic films, starting with one of our favorites starring a couple actors we used to loathe and now we love.

The Absolute Greatest Movies Where Absolutely Nothing Happens

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