Woman Goes From Super Unhealthy To Super Hot Fitness Model

Now I feel like working out. I don't.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: Instagram/Asa English

It’s always nice reading about folks who lose weight and get healthy and hot. And that’s mainly because it gives me motivation to go out and get fit. And that lasts for like an hour before I’m back inside eating cookies. I’m OK with my decisions. But now that we’ve heard about the Australian woman who lost weight after an ex called her “fat,” and about the woman who lost weight and turned down the guy who rejected her before she was skinny, you folks now have to hear about Asa English.

The 26-year-old Swedish fitness model, who is known as Jelly Devote on Instagram for some reason, wasn’t at her healthiest just a while back. English was all about junk food and liquor before she decided to make a change.

Here’s what English had to say to The Sun.

“I ended up weighing in about 70kgs (154 pounds) and was very unhealthy. I had an unhealthy life in general. I stopped with alcohol and started to cook my food instead, so I always made sure I ate healthy. I went to the gym and now I am lighter and happy and healthy. I now work with my biggest passion, which is fitness.I get to inspire and help others to be the best version of themselves. And thanks to this job I can travel the world and I have experienced and grown so much from this experience.”

English adds:

“…Then as well, my grandma just said, ‘you have gained a lot of weight’ and when your grandma that always wants to feed you with loads of food, thinks you’ve got big – that hurts.”

Damn, granny. That’s freaking cold.

Well now English is happy and healthy, and now we get to look at some of her hot photos thanks to her Instagram.

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