10 Popular TV Shows You’ll Never Admit to Binging Hard On (But You Probably Do)

Take it to the grave.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
Photo: Netflix

Yes, there are plenty of addictive TV shows to binge on, but that doesn’t mean you should binge on all of them. While a quick trot down memory lane with The Golden Girls or dip in the nostalgic pool with your favorite Friends can be fun, we simply cannot endorse the hardcore bender of some unacceptable popular television. You know what we’re talking about: your TV skeletons that are coming out of the closet.

Even if you were a Full House lover as a child, plowing through two seasons of Fuller House (before going through them again) is not what we call healthy adult activities. We picture you curled up on the couch with two (yes, two) glasses of wine, a pint of ice cream on the table next to the empty box of tissues while you seamlessly binge on hour-upon-hour family jokes, and while you tear at the very missed opportunity of having your own family. That, or you have your own family and they suck compared to the Tanners.

Now scroll through these 10 popular TV shows you’ll never admit to binge watching, even though we’re pretty sure you do. It wasn’t enough to watch every episode of Boy Meets World again, now you have to go through Girl Meets World, too? Geez.

10 Popular TV Shows You’ll Never Admit to Binging Hard On (But You Probably Do)

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