People Are Tattooing Their Eyeballs For Some Reason

Some novelty contacts can also be fun.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
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Looks like the days of hiding a tiny tattoo on your wrist or your ankle from your folks may be long gone. Now people are making sure you can’t miss their tattoo by putting it on the one area you won’t miss: their eyeballs.

People all over the world are following the trend of permanently tattooing their sclera, which is the white area around the iris. If an eyelash in your eyeball makes you want to rip your eye out, just imagine what a tattoo would feel like. Some medical professionals are calling eyeball tattoos “experimental, extreme and potentially carcinogenic.”

People Are Tattooing Their Eyeballs

This bizarre new trend seemed to have been popularized by US-born body modification expert and tattoo artist Luna Cobra. Cobra has tattooed over 100 eyeballs worldwide, and got the idea after seeing a photoshopped picture of his friend’s eyes.

“I think it’s just becoming a trend among people that just want to be super-extreme, Cobra states.”But the worry is that they are just getting anyone to do it — or doing it themselves — and a lot of people have been hurt, gone blind or lost eyes from this — although I want to stress that hasn’t happened to any of my clients.”

So that means it’s bound to happen. Damn, Cobra. Damn you and your great name.

Take a look at some pictures on Luna Cobra’s Instagram of folks who have tattooed their eyeballs:

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