The Super Bowl: Yard By Yard

Every historic play from the big game.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

What’s the most important play to happen on every yard in the history of the Super Bowl? Well, we tried to answer that with this interactive feature. Hover over each of the footballs below to see what we deem to be the most historic or game-changing play to happen on that yard line.

For example, the greatest play to ever happen on the goal line is James Harrison’s interception (which he returned 100 yards as the first half of Super Bowl XLIII expired).

We used the line of scrimmage as the point of reference for every play unless otherwise noted. So, Scott Norwood’s historic game-losing 47-yard field goal miss would appear on the 30-yard line. But Tracy Porter’s game-clinching interception of Peyton Manning would appear where he picked Peyton off. Capiche? Let the arguing begin.