Funeral Home to Open Fully Functional Starbucks Within Its Walls

Starbucks is dead serious about having coffee shops everywhere.

max-millerby max-miller

A fully functional Starbucks is currently being built within the walls of the Robinson Funeral Home in Easely, S.C. Finally, folks who have lost someone they love will finally have a way to ease the pain by drowning their sorrows in a fresh Venti, non-fat, six pump, extra hot, chai tea latte.

Apparently, the funeral home is no stranger to serving coffee. Owner Chris Robinson says that since his great-grandfather started the funeral home, serving coffee to guests has always been a part of the tradition.

This Starbucks will be the only one in the town of Easely, but don’t expect to see a giant Starbucks logo on the exterior of the funeral home. Robinson and executives at Starbucks agreed to refrain from doing so since the coffee shop will not be full sized. An entire staff is being hired to run the shop which will be opened to the public along with those people attending funeral services.

The shop is currently being prepped with equipment and menus and will officially be open for business in August.

Let’s just hope they keep the coffee grounds nice and far from the cremated remains.