Road Rage Drives Man to Sit on a Moving Car

There has got to be a better way to solve this argument.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Road rage can drive people to do some pretty strange things, but this one takes the prize. After supposedly being cut off, an Australian man parked his car in front of Krish Kalli and challenged him to a fight. When Kalli didn’t get out, the antagonist sat on the hood of the car using the bullbar.

Kalli didn’t know what to do, so he stepped on the gas and headed for the police station. Undeterred, the road rager seems to be enjoying the open air, even making a phone call while holding on to the hood. Kalli recorded the trip to the precinct on his phone, including a confusing conversation with the local police, who didn’t entirely grasp what was happening. (“What’s wrong with someone sitting on a bullbar?”)

The video ends with Kalli pulling up to the police station after driving with a stranger on his hood for over a mile. No one was injured in the incident.

Via LiveLeak