2 Women Arrested for Drunken Barbecue-Potato-Chip Heist

Don't act like you've never had the munchies this hard before.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

When two Canadian college students came down with a case of the late-night munchies, they set off on a search for a rare local potato chip. While they found their prize, it may not turn out to be worth the trouble they’re now in.

Apparently the two drunk women were stumbling home one night in Vancouver, British Columbia when they spotted some Zellers-brand barbecue potato chips. Even though the chips were clearly in someone else’s garage, the ladies helped themselves, tearing down the street and tearing into the chips.

After being roused by her dog, the woman who owned the garage phoned the police, who were able to track down the culprits based on a trail of potato-chip crumbs. Police are recommending charges of breaking and entering.

The earnest local news report is offset by the police officer who can’t even keep a straight face while describing the crimes, making the whole thing must-see TV.

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