Man Found to Be ‘Grandfather of Everyone in Britain’

Someone just earned a lot of new Facebook friends.

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A new test revealed that Ian Kinnaird, a 72-year-old retired Scottish lecturer, has a genetic marker that has never been found before in Western Europe. Basically, Kinnaird is the grandson of Eve, which also makes him the grandfather of everyone in Britain. Can you imagine how hellish his Christmas shopping is going to be now?

The research was conducted by a project called Britain’s DNA, and cost Kinnaird 200 pounds. Tests revealed Kinnaird to be a genetic thoroughbred and traced his ancestry to an African lineage. Their findings were so rare, Kinnaird got a personal phone call from the lab. Kinnaird says his inbox has been getting slammed ever since.

Here are the scientific details: Kinnaird’s mitochondiral DNA through the female line was 30,000 years old, which is only two genetic mutations removed from the first woman ever. The average man has over 200 mutations from the earliest humans.

As any proper teacher would, Kinnaird has been researching how this could’ve come about. He figures there is a link between the slave trade and Liverpool, where the female side of his family came from. While Kinnaird can’t pass along his unique gene, his sister already has through a daughter.

The same project has tested over 2,000 people so far, with most being linked back as far as 3,500 years. Usual lineages line up with vikings, hunter gatherers and cavemen. Now the project has found its furthest-reaching subject. A real Eve actually existed 190,000 years ago, and her grandson just found out he has a lot of new relatives to catch up with.

Via The (U.K.) Daily Telegraph

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