Restaurant Gets 4-Year-Old Drunk

You've heard of over-serving. This feels more like under-serving.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

Nothing makes for an awkward family dinner like someone getting a little too tipsy and embarrassing himself. Especially when that family member is only 4 years old.

When a Florida family went to Frenchy’s South Beach Cafe to celebrate Mother’s Day, they ordered two virgin strawberry daiquiris for the kids. But when their waitress returned to the server’s station to enter the table’s order, she accidentally called for two regular strawberry daiquiris. That’s when the party really got going.

After their initial sips, one of the boys stopped drinking his drink because he didn’t like the taste. But the other youngster plowed ahead and became, well, totally plowed. The Clearwater Fire Department medics were called to evaluate the boy and took him to the local hospital for treatment.

After a brief investigation, it was found that there was no intent to harm anyone and this was a completely accidental incident. No word yet on whether the boy felt a heightened sense of confidence or told his mom how he really feels about nap time.

Via The Smoking Gun