1991 Book Cover Seems Very Creepy Now

Just a coincidence?

cory-jonesby cory-jones

At first glance, this paperback book cover looks like any other piece of thriller fiction, but upon closer inspection, something very eerie stands out. This book was published in 1991. But if you look at the tag line, and the name of the school, you can see that this was very prescient.

The Columbine High School massacre would occur eight years later in 1999. According to the Amazon review of the “Final Exam” book:

“One of the better horror stories around. Teenaged Kelly, a highly likable character, is more adept at repairing cars than at taking final exams. Someone is stalking her–stealing the inside of her chemistry book or unscrewing the table where she’s to take her English final–and she doesn’t know why. The story line develops consistently, the mood of mystery is sustained throughout, and characterizations of both major and minor characters are well drawn. A book that will have even reluctant readers asking for more.”

As you can see, “Final Exam” is targeted towards ages 11–13. So before you draw any conclusions that Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris had gotten any ideas for their horrific act from reading this book, it came out when they were in fourth grade.

But looking at it now, it still feels very, very creepy.

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