Everyone Starts Fighting During Youth Indoor Lacrosse Game

Youth lacrosse match gets way out of hand.

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

Some bench-clearing brawls in sports are hardly fights at all, but in British Columbia they make sure they’re legit. In a recent British Canadian Intermediate A-League indoor lacrosse match, the two teams began fighting after one team took a 15-4 lead just before halftime. Rather than play hard and keep up the effort, one kid (No. 10 in white) decides to just tackle an opposing player, and almost immediately a street fight breaks out. Crazy punches are thrown on the floor and things continue to escalate until both benches finally clear. Why the parents and other adults heard in the video saying “enough’s enough” didn’t run out to help end the madness is beyond me. I guess it’s just easier to blame the refs.