Man Robs Coffee Shop with Underwear on His Head

Sometimes you need more than a ski mask.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

If you’re a robber, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to covering your face and protecting your identity. You can go with a ski mask or a bandana or get a little more creative and try out the “Point Break” look with a Halloween mask of a former president.

But if you’re this petty thief from Fruitland, Idaho, you choose none of the above. Instead, you decide to wrap an old, floppy pair of tighty whities around your head.

According to surveillance video of the break-in at the Big Star Coffee Shop, these two “Ocean’s 12” wannabees busted in through the back door. One of them is wearing a hat, the other, a giant pair of underwear. At one point, the underwear seems to slip a little, and he’s forced to pinch it tighter around his face, right by his nose. We hope those were from the dresser and not from the hamper.

Once inside, these two criminal masterminds headed straight for the safe but-surprise surprise-couldn’t crack it. Instead, they found whatever cash they could and booked it. The shop owner estimates they made out with around $500. Fruitland police are still reviewing the video. (And, we’re guessing, laughing every time they watch it.)


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