3X World Champion Wake Surfer Ashley Kidd Is All About Her Bum On Instagram

A true champion.

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Photo: Instagram/Ashley Kidd

Unless you’re a huge fan of wake surfing you probably don’t know who Ashley Kidd is, but you should know that she’s a 22-year-old Texas gal who just happens to be a 3x wake surfing champion. And that’s pretty damn impressive.

Kidd began wake surfing in 2009 and just one later she was already competing professionally. In 2010 she participated in the World Wake Surf Championship and took home 2nd place. And ever since her first competition in 2010 Kidd has found herself on the wake surfing podium over 25 times, never finishing under second place. And guess what? she just happens to be smoking hot of course.

The blonde has close to 65k followers on Instagram and she makes sure to reward everyone for following her by showing off her bum as often as she can. Check out the best of Kidd below thanks to her Instagram.

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And here’s Kidd doing her thing.

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