So Elizabeth Hurley Is Still Busy Showing Off Her Goods For Our Entertainment

We all need some Liz in our day.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Hurley

Do I know what Elizabeth Hurley is currently doing for her career? No. Do I know what show she was last on? Or what last movie? No. No I do not. But I do know a few things about the English actress: 1) She’s 52-years-old. 2) She enjoys showing off her goods on Instagram. 3) She isn’t aging. And those are important things to know. And here’s why.

Hurley once again took it to Instagram to remind us all that even though she’s in her early fifties she still looks smoking hot. Need proof? Check it out.

Pretty insane that Hurley is in her fifties — it still boggles my mind, as I’m sure it boggles yours. But let’s be boggled together as we check out more of Hurley’s recent photos thanks to her Instagram.

That’s one hot 52-year-old.


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